• Affiliation with national interpreter advocacy actions
  • Representation for the affiliate chapter’s members for various national issues (i.e. VRS via the Video Interpreting Committee)


  • Access to support through RID’s online Yahoo group for chapter presidents.
  • Access to the staff at the RID national office as a resource on various issues
  • Access to RID committees that can assist with a variety of issues – specifically the Affiliate Chapter Relations Committee, Bylaws Committee, Video Interpreting Committee, Scholarships and Awards Committee and Cultural Diversity in Leadership Committee do direct work with the affiliate chapters
  • Letters of support – Examples:
    • ITP in PA threatened to close program
    • Nevada Department of Education wanted to exclude interpreters in the educational setting from the state’s law
  • National representation during testifying on state laws affecting interpreting
  • Ability to join RID’s group exemption to get 501-(c)3 non-profit status

Resources and Information

  • Eligible for grants through RID, such as the mentoring grants awarded to affiliate chapters.
  • Access to RID’s member contact information (chapters get a set of labels of RID members in their state free of charge – one per quarter).
  • Referrals from RID for members to join your chapter (members must be a member of an affiliate chapter in order to vote on the national level).
  • Access to valuable resources you can use for running your organization such as the Affiliate Chapter Handbook.
  • Involvement with affiliate chapter presidents who make up the primary contact group for the board and national office via a region representative – news regarding national issues is distributed through these channels