Access to the Following:

Insurance for Freelance Interpreter:

Insurance for Interpreter Agency:

Liability Insurance for RID Individual Interpreters:

  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Worker Compensation/ Workman Compensation Insurance

Liability Insurance for Interpreting Agencies

  • Professional/ General Liability Insurance
  • Worker Compensation/ Workman Compensation Insurance

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Additional Member Benefits


Disability Income Coverage What would happen to your income if you became sick or hurt and weren’t able to work? Protect your income in the event that you become disabled as a result of a sickness or injury and are unable to work.  RID members can take advantage of a 15% association discount. 


Dental & Vision InsuranceAffordable dental coverage is available for individuals and families, with the option to add vision coverage. You are free to use any dentist you wish, or you can use an in-network dentist for additional savings. The network has over 400,000 access points nationwide. Choose from several plans to meet your needs and budget.


Life InsuranceAffordable coverage with plans designed to meet your specific needs. Available plans include Term Insurance, Whole Life, Universal Life and others, with over 30 of the top companies to choose from. Let the licensed professionals at Association Benefit Services shop for the best coverage and the most competitive products and rates for you. Coverage is also available for spouses and children.


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