Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Intersex, Trans* Interpreters


It is the mission of the Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Intersex, Trans* Interpreters/Transliterators (BLeGIT*) Member Section to be a forum for discussing current interpreting issues, provide information and resources for professional development opportunities and provide a professional and positive venue for discussing topics specific to the BLeGIT* community. All are welcome!!

BLeGIT* Leadership

Chair: Carmelo Falu
Vice-Chair: Paul Glaser

Region 1: Jim Helisek
Region 2: Erin James
Region 3: Lynda McChesney & Amy DeLorenzo
Region 4: Jim Michaels
Region 5: Brayen Brown, Bob LoParo

(Note that these are their BLeGIT* committee email addresses. If you want to contact them on a personal matter, then search the RID Directory to see if it is provided.)

Click to see minutes from the 2015 meeting at RIDNOLA15 (link).