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About Deaf Caucus

The Deaf Caucus strives to strengthen the ties between all members of RID, advocate for the needs and interests of RID members who are deaf and provide a vehicle for open discussion and exchange of ideas.
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About the RID Deaf Caucus Member Section

RID’s Member Sections (MS) provide a relationship-building forum for RID members to share common interests, goals and concerns that are also consistent with RID’s mission and values. As formally recognized groups of RID members, Member Sections can hold meetings at the biennial conference, regional conferences and other functions sponsored by RID or its affiliate chapters. Additionally, Member Sections frequently contribute articles to VIEWS, RID’s monthly newsletter, to share their discussions with the entire membership. Activities of Member Sections are determined and carried out by the MS leadership and its members, and not by the RID national office staff.

To join an RID Member Section, you must be a RID member.

To join an RID Deaf Caucus Yahoo! Group you must be a RID member.

Goals of the Deaf Caucus Member Section:

  1. To hold forums at RID conferences;
  2. To advise the membership, Board of Directors, and the National Office on issues pertaining to members of Member Sections;
  3. To prepare position papers and/or statements for the Board of Directors and the RID membership on issues pertaining to members of Member Sections;
  4. To recommend programs, activities and policies to the membership, Board of Directors, the National Office and RID national committees that are in the interests of Deaf Caucus and proceeding Member Sections members;
  5. To act as a resource to standing and ad hoc committees on issues that pertains to deaf members;
  6. To disseminate information to members of Member Sections regarding organizational activities;
  7. To encourage active and ongoing participation from Deaf Caucus members and RID and its affiliate chapters;
  8. To serve as a support group for RID members

Deaf Caucus Leadership

Co-Chairs: Andrew Veith
Vice-Chair: Bradley Christlieb
Secretary: Suzanne Stecker
Region I Representative: David Krueger
Region II Representative: Pamela Wright and Chidi Olujie
Region III Representative: Edison Lopez
Region IV Representative: Bob Baker
Region V Representative: Adam Janisieski
Past Chair, Sandy McLennon

Deaf Caucus News

See the Deaf Caucus Rules of Operation

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