Legal Interpreters Member Section


The purpose of the Legal Interpreters Member Section (LIMS) is to provide a forum for all interpreters, both deaf and hearing, who interpret in legal and court settings – to collaborate, network, discuss topics relevant to this specialty, and to provide recommendations and input to RID regarding this field of specialized interpreting.


Chairs: Sarah Blattberg
Vice Chair: Carla Mathers & Michael McMahon
Region I – Tammy Batch
Region II – Jesse Candelaria & Sandra McClure
Region III – Margaret James
Region IV – Jenny Miller
Region V – Bobbie McGee & Tammera Richards


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LIMS Profile

There is a new LIMS professional online discussion group that is open to all LIMS members.  You may join by sending an e-mail to:

This member section presented a legal conference just prior to the 2009 RID National Conference.

RID LIMS Open Forum Presentation 2009

Website: For more information, go to



Best Practices: ASL and English Interpretation within Legal Settings

Deaf Interpreters in Court: An Accommodation That is More Than Reasonable

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