Members receive the following publications as part of the benefits package when becoming an RID member:

RID’s digital publication dedicated to the interpreting profession with a readership of more than 14,000, VIEWS is distributed quarterly to our members inbox. With member spotlights, announcements from the board, and engaging stories about issues impacting the interpreting community.

RID sends a monthly newsletter with important announcements and updates from HQ and the Board of Directors. We try to consolidate this information so you can expect regular email blasts on the 30th of each month (excluding the months Feb, May, Aug, and Nov when we release VIEWS). eNews also includes special features such as Member Spotlights and Research Corner. You may nominate an individual you feel is praiseworthy through our Membership Spotlight Form HERE.

The Journal of Interpretation (JOI)
The Journal is an annual publication that includes articles, research reports and commentaries relevant to the interpreting field. The Journal reflects a broad, interdisciplinary approach to the interpretation and translation of languages. Please click here for a comprehensive list of the Table of Contents from past JOIs. To access these articles contact

RID Publications is a component of RID and focuses on publishing professional literature and association-related information. The main difference between RID Press and RID Publications is that RID Press concentrates on producing text books and other educational/instructional material. For example, RID Publications produces the RID newsletter, VIEWS, The Journal of Interpretation and various RID brochures, like the Standard Practice Papers. RID Press published the books you will find in the RID catalog of publications.