VIEWS Letter to the Editor

RID welcomes the feedback from members whether it be about a previously run article, an administrative action or a general comment about the state of the profession today. Through the use of letters to the editor, members can freely express their opinions and voice them with the more than 16,000 readership of VIEWS.

Following are the requirements for submitting a letter to the editor:

  • Letters should be 300 words or less.
  • No more than one letter per writer will be published in a single issue.
  • No more than two letters per writer will be published during a 12-month period.
  • Unsigned letters will not be published, although a name can be withheld on request of the writer as long as the identity of the writer is known to the editor and there is a valid reason.
  • Letters which do not meet these guidelines or which are not appropriate to the purposes of “Letters,” may be edited or remain unpublished.

Please note: Due to space limitation in the production of VIEWS, not all letters can be published. We will notify the author if and when his/her letter will be published.