Frequently Asked Questions – clicking on the question will jump to the correct section.

I forgot my member ID number, what should I do?

You can either call the Member Services Department at 703/838-0030 or email and make sure to verify your street address in your request. Please do not attempt to create a new account.

I have legally changed my name, how do I change it on my account?

You can fill out the name change form and send it with the approved supporting documentation to or use our online form. Once we’ve received your information, we will update your account.

How do I log into my online portal?

Go to and sign in using your member ID number and your password.

How do I renew my membership?

After you log in to your online portal, click the tab at the top labeled My Orders. You can easily pay your dues with a credit card online. You can also mail in an application form if you wish to pay via check. Please send to 333 Commerce Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.

I’m a certified member and I’m late paying my dues. What do I do?

A: Certified members have until 7/31 to renew without penalty. Please be sure to submit your dues payment no later than 7/31 to avoid termination of your membership and certification. If your membership is expired beyond 7/31, please view further instructions here:

When does my membership expire?

Membership cycles run on the fiscal year from July 1st – June 30th.

I am a student, how do I show proof when applying for a membership?

You can email your school schedule, transcript, or screenshot of your schedule to

I am no longer a student but am not a certified interpreter, what membership do I qualify for?

You qualify for an associate membership.

I did not receive my latest issue of VIEWS.

VIEWS is now an electronic publication, and the link is delivered to the email address that we have for you.  If you are not recieving this notification, first check your spam filters and various inboxes.  Then, please verify that the email address in your account is current and accurate, and that you have a current membership with RID. If you’ve done this, and still aren’t sure why you’re not getting the VIEWS (and other) notifications, contact the Communications Department for help with your request.

I would like to change my status from Certified to Certified:Inactive or Certified:Retired.

Certified: Inactive status is for certified members who are not currently interpreting. They are not required to meet the CEU requirements while on Certified: Inactive status. In order to maintain this status, Certified: Inactive dues must be paid annually and the certificant cannot be working as an interpreter. Click on the above link to submit your request to become Certified: Inactive.

Certified: Retired status is for certified members, age 55 or older, who are retiring from interpreting work. They are not required to meet the CEU requirements. In order to maintain this status, Certified: Retired dues must be paid annually and the certificant cannot be working as an interpreter. Click on the above link to submit your request to become Certified: Retired.

If you have any further questions or need assistance please contact the Professional Development department.

Why should I become a member of RID?

Please visit our membership page here to learn more about the organization and what benefits we have to offer

How old do you have to be to be considered a senior member?

55 years young! Please submit proof of age to or via fax at (703) 838-0454.

How do I find an interpreter or interpreting agency in my area?

You can search our directory at by clicking the tab in the upper right hand corner labeled Directory.  Be sure to enter at least two search fields in order for the search to work.

What are the licensure/certification rules in my state?

Currently, there is no federal requirement for certification. Instead, each state sets its own standards, sometimes through laws and regulations, for interpreter qualifications. We have a state-by-state summary of regulations that can help you determine what the requirements are in your state.