Message from Dawn Whitcher, President

///Message from Dawn Whitcher, President

Message from Dawn Whitcher, President

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Dear Members:

We are writing to let you know that Shane Feldman, who joined us two years ago to lead RID as our Executive Director, has completed his contract term and left our organization. Because over the coming months we will be conducting a nationwide search to fill this important position, we wanted you to know what to anticipate.

The RID Board has created a transition team involving RID Board and staff members, RID members and other organization stakeholders. This team will be lead by co-chairs Lewis Merkin, RID Region I Representative, and CM Hall, RID Member at Large and will work in collaboration with an executive search firm to identify and interview candidates.

The RID Board of Directors is currently working to identify and retain the search firm,ensuring that we select an organization that supports your values as members – including that members have the opportunity to participate in some manner during the interview and selection process. Please watch for upcoming announcements about this from co-chairs Merkin and Hall.

Recognizing that the search will take time, the RID Board is working to quickly identify and retain the services of an interim Executive Director. The interim Executive Director will be someone external to RID’s current staffing structure.

We are mindful that periods of transition can sometimes be stressful. Please trust that as we go about retaining new leadership, we will of course be guided by member expressed values and respect for RID’s roots. We will also take into account the interests and concerns of the RID Board councils, the Deaf Advisory Council, the Diversity Council, and the Council of Elders — as well as the many volunteer leaders and members at large.

Please watch for further announcements as we go about the process of hiring new leadership for RID.

Thanks so much for your support.

RID Board of Directors

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