Message from the President – March 31, 2014

///Message from the President – March 31, 2014

Message from the President – March 31, 2014

Message from the President – March 31, 2014

Announcements from RID President Dawn Whitcher

March 31, 2014 – President’s Report

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(A special thank you to Kirsi Grigg-Langdon, CDI, ASL coach)

Dear RID Members:

It has been about six months since I was sworn in as President of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Board of Directors, but as many of you know, RID is not about one person or one position. It has required a great deal of work, as expected, but knowing the contributions we are making toward progress is rewarding; having the opportunity to work with dedicated leaders is amazing; and meeting members who are passionate about the mission of the organization is motivating.

The board is just coming from one of those amazing opportunities in which we were embedded in the interpreter and Deaf communities for our face to face meeting, March 9-13, 2014, on the beautiful campus of Gallaudet University. Our meeting was cushioned within the communities that RID serves and created more valuable and significant encounters that bring RID’s work to life.

Board member’s arrived on Saturday March 8th, to take part in a wonderful community event hosted by RID, the Department of Interpretation (DOI) at Gallaudet University and Gallaudet’s Interpreters Services (GIS). The event was purely social with value placed on the ability to come together and connect. Joining the board members were students, RID affiliate chapter members and leaders, National Association of the Deaf members and leaders, Gallaudet faculty, RID and more. The board would like to extend a special thank you Dr. Melanie Metzger, DOI Chair, and and Koko Chino, GIS Executive Director, and their faculty, staff, students and volunteers for all their work and planning to provide this wonderful opportunity.

On Sunday, March 9th, the board had our first joint meeting with members of the Certification Committee (CC).  This provided board members the opportunity to meet the committee members, ask questions, offer perspectives, observe their interactions and receive a brief report of their work.  The value placed on overlapping the board’s meeting with the CC’s meeting was recognized and will be used as a model as we move forward.

The work of the CC members was great to see.  They hit the ground running.  One of the biggest take aways for me from that meeting was a discussion of how the board and CC can interact in a different way, a better way, including member interaction.  I am impressed by the hard work and dedication of this group.   I look forward to their continued work furthering the efforts of those before them and building efficiencies in education and communication about the NAD-RID Certification Programs.

In addition to members of the CC, representatives from the NAD leadership were present throughout the CC meeting.  Chris Wagner, NAD President and Howard Rosenblum, NAD CEO, were able to attend portions of the meeting providing the NAD perspective.  Chris, Howard, Shane Feldman, RID Executive Director, and I have been working together to continue strengthening the relationship and partnership between RID and NAD.  One identified approach was to ensure that the leaders of both organizations engage with the CC on matters of the NAD-RID NIC.

Sunday afternoon the RID Board of Directors moved into a closed session of the board, while the CC continued their work separately.  Continuing through Monday afternoon, the closed session included a facilitated dialogue with consultant Heather Harker.  Heather, Director of Programs at Third Sector New England, started working with RID leadership December of 2013.  Heather has been, and continues to be, a great resource in supporting and exploring dynamics of RID’s organizational change found within the board and headquarters.

Tuesday morning the board moved out of the facilitated dialogue closed session into open session discussion of agenda items.

We were also joined by RID’s parliamentarian, Robert Weinstock.  Bob’s assistance in guiding the board through parliamentary procedures and Robert’s Rules of Order has been invaluable.  We thank Bob for his guidance and look forward to a continued relationship.

RID headquarter staff were present at the face to face meeting documenting the meeting in the form of photos and social media announcements.  The talents of each staff member, during board meetings and back at the office, is commendable.  The energy and effort that Shane Feldman has put, and continues to put, into moving RID forward is seen not only through his work but also through the creation of such a successful team of staff members.  Thank you to Shane and to each staff member for their endless dedication and hard work.

Beyond those present at the meeting, RID is lucky to have members in leadership roles within their local area Affiliate Chapters, regional level volunteers diligently working to plan for this summer’s regional conferences, and volunteers on the national level including board councils, committees and task forces.  To each member volunteering within every level of our organization, thank you.

Finally, I must take a moment to thank board members who have worked diligently, bringing with them the perspectives of members for be thoughtfully and thoroughly discussed.  Members of this board have experienced much change in the recent six months.  We started our term with three vacancies, appointed three interim and completed elections that brought in two new board members.  During our face to face meeting to officially thank Branton Stewart and Jonathan Webb for their internship leadership, this was done in the form of a board resolution.  During this meeting, we welcomed two board members, Priscilla Moyers and Daryl Crouse, to their first meeting serving in official capacity.  We have more leadership transition on the horizon.  This spring members will vote in their elected region representatives.

Through much change we see strong and dedicated leaders.

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