Hello, members of RID. I’m Jonathan Webb, the current President of RID. Today, my message to you is an update on the CEO Search – the process, recruitment, interactions, interviews, and so forth.

The process up to this point has been intensive, complicated, thorough, and truly impressive. We are fortunate to have had many people involved in this process. The CEO Search Committee is an amazing group of volunteers, who have given selflessly of their time, effort, and service.

We have also included the three RID Councils in this process – the Diversity Council, the Deaf Advisory Council, and the Council of Elders. We have engaged with and solicited feedback from the Member Section chairs. We’ve also engaged with and solicited feedback from the Affiliate Chapter Presidents. And most importantly, we’ve included Headquarters staff in the process, as a CEO would be the head of operations at RID, overseeing all the various departments and functions of RID Headquarters.

After working our way through this process, the RID Board and senior administrators at RID Headquarters put great thought into the various candidates. They are wonderful individuals, highly qualified, a