NAD-RID Relationship
by Dawn Whitcher, President

The purpose of this vlog is to update the membership on what is transpiring related to NAD and RID. NAD has agreed to a mediated meeting to address a series of unfinished or unresolved aspects of the business relationship that exists between NAD and RID related to testing and certification.  Three possible mediators have been identified. Each will be contacted and interviewed to determine their availability and knowledge of the issues and related organizations, as well as their mediation philosophy.

All of the identified mediators are highly trained and competent.  It is hoped that one of the recommended individuals will be selected with a date set for the mediated meeting in the early part of March, prior to the March 16-20, 2016, RID face-to-face Board meeting.

An agenda has been developed, including:

  • the formal separation of NAD from and ownership of the test name and related test/certification products,
  • the role of RID in collecting NAD dues from NAD interpreters recognized as RID certified,
  • costs incurred by RID over the course of the business relationship related to test development and maintenance of the NAD-RID NIC,
  • discussion of the cost of defending the NAD-RID NIC exam as part of current litigation, and
  • aspects of the contracts NAD entered into with state agencies for development of the NAD-RID NIC.

Also on the agenda is NAD’s mandate that RID lift the moratorium or recognize the BEI credential by April 15, 2016. The ability of RID to respond to NAD’s mandate is contingent upon a variety of factors.  One important factor relates to an RID membership vote that will be required related to criteria for recognizing tests other than RID’s.  This process is outlined in another vlog by Region III Representative Sandra Maloney.  Other essential factors relate to RID’s ability to identify and secure a reliable funding source for the costs associated with test administration.

We will continue to keep the members informed of our progress in resolving the outstanding issues and appreciate your continuing support.  Thank you.