This is not an active committee.

The Bylaws Committee advises the RID Board of Directors and RID affiliate chapter organizations with regards to governing documents and decision-making.


Chair: Lindsey Antle
Board of Directors Liaison:
RID Headquarters Liaison: Ryan Butts

Current committee members:

  • Lindsey Antle (Chair)
  • Janie Powell
  • Becki Gill Rhyne


Scope of Work:

For the term 2011-2013, the Bylaws Committee members are charged to complete the following tasks:

  1. To assist the Board of Directors in the oversight of the national bylaws.
  2. To be an active resource to Affiliate Chapters in the development or revisions to the Affiliate Chapter bylaws and standing rules, and in maintaining compliance with the RID national bylaws.
  3. When requested, to serve as the national Motions and Resolutions Committee during the biennial conference.
    1. Throughout the conference, the Bylaws Committee will collect and review all conference motions to ensure they are not in conflict with the RID Bylaws or organizational procedures.
    2. To assist the Chair of the Business Meeting in directing members who are commenting on motions to stand / sit in appropriate places.
    3. To assist members during the Business Meeting to formulate complete motions in writing prior to posing the motion.
  4. To address items referred to the committee by the board of directors.


See here for more details on the Organization and Structure of Volunteer Leadership Committees.