RID Interim CEO Announcement

(Video description: White presenting man on left; he is bald, and is wearing a black short-sleeved shirt. There is a white-presenting woman on the right, with short salt-and-pepper hair, wearing a blue dress. She is wearing glasses.)

Melvin Walker, President:

Hello! The Board is thrilled to share some exciting news. This message is intended for all of the communities within RID: Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard-of-Hearing consumers, and interpreters.

You may recall in the President’s Column of the February VIEWS, I discussed the Board’s search for a short-term transitional leader, as we progress in our search for a permanent CEO. The search process for a long-term CEO has already begun. In the meantime, we’re delighted that our transition plan includes the new interim CEO …

Charity Warigon, Interim CEO:

Hello! My name is Charity Warigon, my name sign is (shaken C in front of body). Please, call me Charity. Before I go further, I want to first thank and commend the Board and the membership for recognizing the need to connect, stay connected, and build upon the successful interactions of the past to forge better relationships. These relationships are being built with the interpreting community, volunteer leaders, Affiliate Chapter Presidents, Member Sections, stakeholders, and various other organizations out there with the intent of upholding the mission of RID.

(Video description: Charity continues, alone.)

So, with that said – I consider myself a strong community builder and leader. I am excited to join the RID Board and the communities we serve in finding new ways to grow, support, and carry the vision that the Board has for the next CEO of this critical organization: RID.

I also want to have important, meaningful, and real conversations with you – here in the short term, but especially at the RID National Conference in Rhode Island. That is where your important input during the business meeting can become the priorities for RID for the next two years. These priorities will lead the members, the Board, and RID Headquarters in our quest to make RID a world-class organization that serves its consumers. The goal is to provide Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard-of-Hearing consumers with high-quality interpreting services. These are individuals like you and me.

In closing, I want to say thank you – thank you for your time. I really look forward to meeting you and connecting with you at the conference, where we can have some heartfelt conversations. Remember that the conference theme is COME TOGETHER, WORK TOGETHER, THRIVE TOGETHER. Together, we can achieve the mission and the vision of RID.

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(Video description: RID Vice President Sandra Maloney on the left – she is a white-presenting woman wearing a short-sleeved blue shirt. She has shoulder-length blonde hair. RID President Melvin Walker on the right: he is a white-presenting man wearing a short-sleeved black shirt. He is bald.)

President Melvin Walker:

Hello! We are here at the conclusion of the RID Face-to-Face Board Meeting in Providence, Rhode Island. It’s been a busy week for the Board, and we wanted to take the opportunity to share some updates from our meeting.

First, we had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Sanjay Gulati, our featured presenter for the Power, Privilege, and Oppression (PPO) training we participate in as part of our face-to-face meetings. His topic was “Language Deprivation,” and it was fascinating. We had some really good discussions and ended up spending about two hours with him. We have found that beginning our Board meetings with PPO training helps to frame our discussions and decisions.

Vice President Sandra Maloney:

Yes, it was truly an amazing presentation. Our next focus at the Board meeting was to look at the RID Budget for FY2020. We also discussed possible Board motions for the membership to consider at the RID National Conference Business Meeting; these include some changes to the Bylaws.


While we were here working, we also had the pleasure of getting together with the leadership from both the Rhode Island RID Affiliate Chapter, and the Rhode Island Association of the Deaf.  They were extremely generous in hosting the RID Board, allowing some social time to get to know them better – we are very grateful for the opportunity to meet the local leaders of both organizations.


We’ve also had the wonderful opportunity to see the Omni Hotel and the Rhode Island Convention Center, which is where the RID 2019 National Conference will happen. The space is amazing; we are also excited for the Conference Program and Presenter list and what it will bring to Conference this summer.


The space is fantastic, the location is wonderful – I am confident that you will enjoy this conference. We look forward to seeing all of YOU here in Providence in July!



Dr. Sanjay Gulati, M.D.
Bio: https://www.zencare.co/sanjay-gulati