Deadline: March 7, 2016




RID is seeking individuals to serve on the newly created RID VIEWS Board of Editors.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Work with RID HQ to set and implement the vision for RID VIEWS
  • Develop standards and criteria for the submission, production, and quality of all content, including English and American Sign Language
  • Create topics for coverage in upcoming issues
  • Identify potential authors and solicit articles for publication consideration
  • Commit to serve on the VIEWS Board of Editors for two years and adhere to the association’s confidentiality and conflict of interest policies


  • Experience working in the publication of both ASL and English content, either as author and/or editor
  • Demonstrated scholarly expertise and leadership in the sign language interpreting profession
  • Leadership skills that bring the profession’s intellectual dialog to the content of VIEWS
  • Ability to develop and nurture relationships with authors, both established and newly emerging, to encourage them to explore interesting questions and submit material to the VIEWS
  • Ability and willingness to pay special attention to the need to develop ideas in newly emerging areas of the profession, to support the thoughtful re-examination of past professional insights, and to address issues of particular relevance to historically under-represented populations
  • Active and current member of both the national Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. and an RID affiliate chapter

How to apply:
Persons familiar with the field of sign language interpreting and who are interested in seeking membership on the VIEWS Board of Editors should send a letter of interest (with both rationale for interest and explanation of how you meet each of the qualifications), professional resume, and a letter of recommendation to with th