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Portland Community College (PCC) is seeking a full-time instructor to teach in both our American Sign Language (ASL) and ASL-English Interpreting (ITP) Programs. This instructor will begin teaching Fall 2024. They will be based at the Sylvania Campus but may teach classes at other campuses when needed. The ASL and ITP programs are committed to providing students with an immersive learning experience aimed at expanding their cultural understanding and giving them the tools to actively apply their ASL and Interpreting skills in the community. The ASL and ITP programs welcome students from diverse backgrounds and abilities to study and develop their skills in preparation for a variety of careers and/or transfer to four-year institutions. ASL and ITP instructors incorporate foundational approaches to teaching culture, language, and interpreting courses. ASL is the primary language of instruction for both programs from the first day of class. ASL and ITP classes are taught via in-person, hybrid, and remote modalities.

Full-time faculty are expected to teach, assess, and advise students; communicate effectively through ASL and written English; support full-time and part-time faculty members; and participate in department, pathway, and college-wide committees. ASL and ITP faculty are committed to developing professionally, contributing to the continuous improvement of the programs and the college community, and engaging with community stakeholders. This includes staying abreast of innovations in ASL-English Interpreting, ASL (American Sign Language) fields, and equitable student success. They apply this expertise to improving existing courses, developing new courses, and ensuring the programs align with college curricular standards and practices.

The ASL and ASL-English Interpreting Programs are within PCC’s Arts, Humanities, Communication, and Design (AHCD) Pathway. As the largest post-secondary institution in Oregon, PCC serves over 50,000 full-time and part-time students. We offer high-quality education and opportunities for our students, which in turn contributes to the vibrancy of the Portland community (Demographics | About PCC). PCC is committed to planning for the future of higher education and adapting to future enrollment and demographic shifts (PCC Institutional Effectiveness). Our strategic plan and associated projects reflect our commitment to equitable student success and fulfilling the mission of delivering access to quality education in a collaborative culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion

The tentative timeline for recruitment of this position is:

  • February-March 2024: review of applications;
  • March-April 2024: remote video interviews;
  • April-May 2024: finalists invited to campus for in-person interviews;
  • May-June 2024: position offered.

Your application for this position must include the following

  • A current resume or curriculum vitae
  •  Cover letter that addresses how you meet the Success Criteria listed below
  • Application
  • Unofficial Transcripts
  • In 500 words or less, please address the following question and upload your response as an attachment:

A key tenet of culturally-responsive teaching is the belief that students’ cultural background and lived experience can help bridge new learning. Please describe an example of how you connect academic concepts in your field to knowledge that comes from students’ families, communities, and/or lived experiences. As part of your answer, please tell us something about how your own lived experience is a factor in how you do this work.”

See the classification description for additional information:

In your applicaton materials, please clearly address your experience with the following Success Criteria, Minimum Instructor Qualifications, and Preferred Qualifications.

  •  Provide culturally-responsive instruction, advising, and assessment for all students in the ASL and ITP programs.
  • Foster a positive, caring, equitable, and inclusive learning environment for students and colleagues.
  • Demonstrate awareness of one’s own cultural background and how it influences perception, values, and practices and how these perceptions, values, and practices shape their teaching and relationship to students.
  • Demonstrate understanding of structural privileges/inequalities and how they impact educational practices; empowers learners to analyze and overcome the effect of institutional bias/inequality
  • Respond to cultural shifts and changing community support needs through ongoing interrogation of pedagogy and teaching practices.
  • Partner and collaborate with colleagues and community stakeholders to further embed culturally-responsive education in curriculum and departmental practices.

Minimum Instructor Qualifications

To be considered, your application must demonstrate these minimum qualifications. (Experience is calculated based on the start and end dates you provide multiplied by the number of hours per week worked).

  • Bachelor’s Degree in American Sign Language, Deaf Studies, Interpreting, Intercultural Relations, Deaf Education, Linguistics or related field
  • Minimum of three years experience teaching American Sign Language and/or Interpreting in credit courses at the college level
  • Experience with effective interpreting practices obtained via working and/or volunteering as a Deaf Interpreter or through lived experience as a consumer of interpreting services
  • Native or native-like ASL proficiency

Preferred Qualifications

  •  Master’s degree or above from an accredited institution in American Sign Language, Deaf Studies, Interpreting, Intercultural Relations, Deaf Education, Linguistics or related field or related field
  • Experience developing curriculum for college-level courses
  • Possess, or be willing to obtain, national or state-level interpreter certification
  • Possess, or be willing to obtain, certification from the American Sign Language Teachers Association (ASLTA)
  • Experience mentoring and assessing interpreters
  • Experience in a leadership role with a diverse team with a collaborative approach

Initial Salary Placement will be between Step 1 ($64,562) and Step 3 ($68,491) based on related experience, per PCC’s collective bargaining agreement. PCC Full-Time Faculty Schedule 2022/23

Position Grade Salary Range: $64562 to $103562 Annual Salary


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