PMGDS Committee Report – 04-15-15

///PMGDS Committee Report – 04-15-15

PMGDS Committee Report – 04-15-15

(The PDF version of this report is available here.  The text below is verbatim from the report.)


Philosophy,  Mission,  Goals,  Diversity  Statement  and  Strategic  Priorities  Review  Committee
Interim  Final  Report
April  15,  2015

Respectfully  submitted  by  Kyle  Duarte,  chair;  Adam  Bartley,  Dennis  Cokely,  Betty   Colonomos, Sarah  Hafer,  Elizabeth  Morgan,  and  Hartmut  Teuber,  members.



The  RID  Philosophy,  Mission,  Goals,  Diversity  Statement  and  Strategic  Priorities  (RID   PMGDS)  Review  Committee  was  created  in  response  to  motion  CM2013.03.  For  the  term   2013-­2015,  the  RID  PMGDS  Review  Committee  members  were  charged  to  complete  the   following  tasks:

  1. To review  RID’s  Vision,  Mission,  Diversity  Statement  and  Strategic  Priorities;
  2. To make  recommendations  of  revisions  to  the  RID  Board  of  Directors;
  3. To work  closely  with  the  NAD-­RID  CPC  Review  Committee;
  4. To work  with  Councils,  Committees,  and/or  Task  Forces  as  necessary;
  5. To present  quarterly  reports  to  the  membership  and  a  final  report  no  later  than  April  1,   2015.

The  committee  originally  comprised  the  membership  of  Kyle  Duarte  (chair),  Adam  Bartley,   Dennis  Cokely,  Betty  Colonomos,  Connie  Jo  Lewis,  Elizabeth  Morgan,  and  Hartmut  Teuber.   In  September  2014,  Connie  Jo  Lewis  resigned  her  position  and  in  February  2015  was   replaced  by  Sarah  Hafer.  Daryl  Crouse  served  as  the  committee’s  liaison  to  the  Board.



The  committee  has  discussed  RID’s  current  Vision,  Mission,  and  Diversity  Statement  and  are   recommending  updated  texts  as  appear  below.  These  texts  will  be  shared  with  the  NAD-­RID   CPC  Review  Committee,  RID  Council  of  Elders,  and  RID  Diversity  Council  to  elicit  feedback   on  the  modifications,  with  an  estimated  deadline  of  May  15.  Further  modifications  will  be   considered  based  on  the  feedback  received,  and  a  final  draft  will  be  issued  by  June  15.

The  committee  has  not  yet  been  able  to  review  RID’s  Strategic  Priorities,  but  intends  to  issue   a  first  draft  by  May  15  for  feedback  from  our  affiliated  committee  and  councils.



RID  Mission

The  Registry  of  Interpreters  for  the  Deaf  strives  to  advocate  for  best  practices  in  interpreting,   professional  development  for  practitioners  and  for  the  highest  standards  in  the  provision  of   interpreting  services  for  diverse  users  of  languages  that  are  signed  or  spoken.


RID  Vision

By  honoring  its  past  and  innovating  for  the  future,  RID  envisions  a  world  where:

  • Its members  recognize  and  support  the  linguistic  rights  of  all  Deaf  people  as  human   rights,  equal  to  those  of  users  of  spoken  languages;
  • Deaf people  and  their  values  are  vital  to  and  visible  in  every  aspect  of  RID,  the   interpreting  profession  as  a  whole,  and  among  individual  interpreters;
  • Interpreted interactions  between  individuals  who  use  signed  and  spoken  languages   are  as  viable  as  direct  communication;
  • The interpreting  profession  is  formally  recognized  and  is  advanced  by  rigorous   professional  development,  standards  of  conduct,  and  credentials.


RID  Diversity  Statement

As  an  organization  committed  to  diversity,  RID  embraces  and  values  the  input  of  all   stakeholders, and  thus  commit  that:

  • We will  not  discriminate  against  any  individual,  in  any  circumstance;
  • In matters  regarding  sign  language  interpreting  or  our  organization,  we  will  seek  out   and  value  the  perspectives  presented  by  any  group  of  people  who  consider  those   perspectives  to  be  integral  to  their  identity  and  life  experience;
  • We will  regularly  examine  every  facet  of  our  operations  and  organizational  culture  to   ensure  that  unique  perspectives  have  not  been  overlooked.  
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