PMGDS Work Group

PMGDS Work Group

The Philosophy Mission Goal and Diversity Statement Work Group (PMGD) was created in 2008 by the RID Board of Directors to gather feedback from RID members and answer the question, “Do the philosophy, mission, goal and diversity statements truly reflect the purpose of RID and really meet the needs of those we serve?”

Motion 2008.25
That the RID Board of Directors appoints a work group to conduct an analysis of how best to elicit member input in reevaluating the overarching direction of the association through a review of the philosophy, mission, goal and diversity statements, and other relevant documents with recommendation due back to the board by March 2009.

Motion Makers: Amie Seiberlich/Jonathan Webb
Result: Passed

In 2009 the PMGD conducted a feedback gathering session at the leadership forum prior to the start of the 2009 RID National Conference. In addition, a forum was conducted with the participants of the 2009 conference. The exercises conducted worked to identify core values within RID.

2009 PMGD Forum Feedback

In 2011, the PMGD again held a forum at the conference in the continued effort to gather feedback from members regarding the intrinsic values that are at the core foundation of RID.

2011 PMGD Forum Feedback

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