Print Your Membership Card On-Demand

///Print Your Membership Card On-Demand

Print Your Membership Card On-Demand



Within this past year, we added a new feature to your online portal so that you can now access and print your membership card as you need it. You no longer need to make the request to RID HQ and wait for it in the mail. Access to your membership card to provide proof of your membership is always at your fingertips. Due to the addition of this feature in your member online portal, we will no longer be sending hard copy membership cards automatically to members. However, since we know that some of you need to present proof of RID membership with the traditional card, we are providing members the option to request the hard copy card from HQ.

The overall renewal process has not changed. Once you have paid for your membership, you can either print your membership card on-demand or you can request that a membership card be sent to you from HQ.

To access the electronic copy of your card, click the box that says “Printable Member Card.” This will give you access to your electronic card that you can print at will and email for verification.


You can request that a membership card be sent to you from HQ from the home page of your portal.


Once you click the request box, you will be directed to a confirmation screen that gives you the current estimated wait time for your membership card.


We have received a great deal of feedback from members over the past few years to eliminate the automatic distribution of membership cards. Some members have indicated that they just don’t need it or use it, so it is a waste of resources; others want to see RID be more “green” in our operations. But again, we recognize that some members still need the traditional card for proof of membership for work, which is why we have provided the opportunity to request the card as needed.

This effort is not only an environmental savings but is a cost savings as well. We looked for ways to cut costs in our operational processes so that we can be more efficient in our services for members. Giving members the online access to your own membership card as you need it is a time saver for everyone!

If during the renewal process you have any questions related to your membership card, feel free to contact any of the Member Services staff,

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