RID Privacy Policy

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One of the principles behind the founding of RID was to provide a Registry of certified interpreters.  This was to satisfy the need of the public to find and use sign language interpreters for situations involving deaf people.

As a result, our member lists are searchable by the public.

Our member list is also available for sale to qualified companies for use in marketing prodcuts, services, and events appropriate for sign language interpreters and those that support them (like interpreter training programs, agencies, etc.)

Members on our registry can opt out of having their information shared with these for-sale requests.  They can also decide which specific information is available via our on-line search function – a member may opt to not have their phone number visible, for example, preferring to only be accessible by email.  Or, they can have all contact information blocked out, in which case the registry serves only as a confirmation of their certification and credentials.

We also collect other information, designed to help us understand our members better, and to also understand what their needs may be – both currently, and as we move into the future.

We collect information in two different ways:

Information you give us:

We have your personal information on file, including address, phone number, gender, and some demographic information.  We may also ask for additional demographic information, to either help us provide services and prodcuts to you, or to aid in research into the field of interpreting.

Information we get from your use of our services:

When you use our website, we track and store information via Google Analytics.  This information is used to help us see what information is being accessed on the website, and where people might need more help.  If a search query is commonly entered, for example, and there is no result for that search query, then this indicates that information is needed but not being provided.

Our responsibilities

We at RID are very conscious of our responsibilities as stewards of our membership’s information.  We only share information as allowed, AND as it benefits the organization and the communities we serve.