Here is the updated proposed Conference Motion and the Proposed Bylaw Amendments submitted for consideration for the 2017 RID National Conference including comments from various affiliations and BOD.

Printable form available: The Conference Motion of 2017

Printable form available: The Proposed Bylaw Amendments of 2017

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RID Board of Directors
Diversity Council
Hawaii RID
RID Puerto Rico Residents

Proposed 2017 Conference Motion:

Motion name: CM2017.01

Moved by:

Seconded by:

Maura Nolin

Stephanie Meyer

Motion text:

CEUs earned from online trainings be limited to 25% of the overall required total number of CEUs required to maintain certification. For specialist certifications, not more that 49% of CEUs for certification maintenance may be earned online.

Rationale: ASL is a visual language best understood in a face-to-face interaction. The majority of interpreters are second language learners. Given these facts, professional development is most effective in a face-to-face environment. Currently, all 8.0 CEUs required can be earned online with the member not utilizing any sign language, or interacting with any Deaf individuals.  
Estimated Fiscal Impact: None. There may be a positive fiscal impact if Affiliate Chapters present more workshops.

RID Board of Directors

Diversity Council


Hawaii RID

RID Puerto Rico Residents

Proposed Bylaw Amendments:

Motion name: Global Editorial Changes
Bylaws Referendum A
Moved by: The RID Board of Directors
Motion text: To adopt global and editorial changes to the RID bylaws, including the following:

  1. Properly capitalize every occurrence of Board of Directors,
  1. Properly capitalize every occurrence of the officers’ titles,
  1. Use serial (“Oxford”) commas,
  1. Remove extraneous colons after section titles in all Articles,
  1. Allow hyphenation of two-word expressions as appropriate,
  1. Change “Vice-President” to “Vice President” throughout,
  1. Add (numeric characters) after each spelled-out number, and
  1. In Article I, spell out Inc. as Incorporated and add a period after (RID).

The Board also asks that the members of RID empower the Board, working with the RID Parliamentarian, to make any other global and editorial changes that may  be found necessary and desirable, including renumbering of bylaws articles and sections, and correction of spelling, punctuation, grammatical, or syntactical errors, provided that all changes be publicly documented.

Rationale: To ensure the RID bylaws are grammatically correct and follow standard formatting of Robert’s Rules of Order.
Estimated Fiscal Impact:  The noted fiscal impact is headquarter staff time to update the bylaws and website.
Comment: TBD