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Reminder! Conference Strategic Recommendations


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Strategic Recommendations to RID Board of Directors for the 2018-2022 Strategic Planning Process

Synthesized from Small Group Contributions of the Leadership Track
RID 2017 LEAD Together Conference
July 20-24, 2017

In the Leadership Track, there were 29 tables total and seven plenary presentations followed by small group discussion. Small groups were comprised of 9-10 people, so each small group represents the total who participated in the group discussion process.  So, for example, if a recommendation was contributed to by 15 small groups, that would represent the thinking of 135-150 conference participants.

The accompanying chart is a synthesis of the over 225 individual recommendations received from the small groups participating in the Leadership Track of the 2017 LEAD Together conference.  Where items were listed as recommendations, but served more as action items in support of broader recommendation, they were placed under the related recommendation.  When wording conveyed a similar intent, or meaning, it was integrated into one statement.

Recommendations are organized according to the Plenary number and topic that reflects the sequence of presentations during the leadership track of the conference.  Common or similar recommendations surfaced across plenary presentations.  In these instances, reference to the related recommendations were placed in the Related Notes section of the chart. Where there was overlap or strong similarity in the recommendation, items were collapsed.

This process of synthesis resulted in a 35-page document, with a list of 61 recommendations and over 220 related action items.  Most of the recommendations had multiple action items related to how the recommendation should be developed, applied, or implemented.  A few did not.

The six

[6] recommendations most frequently cited are listed below and in the attached PDF. They are not listed in any particular priority.

1.  Active engagement with diverse Deaf Community partners/organizations for the purpose of advancing common goals.

2.  Governance focused on a restructuring of RID and/or modifications to the bylaws to create more diverse member representation.

3.  Strengthening the base of RID inclusive of training for Affiliate Chapters.

4.  Leadership and PPO training that is available to volunteer leaders and members of the community.

5.   A repository of resources inclusive of training materials, advocacy resources, member/student recruitment materials that is widely available.

6.   A comprehensive communication/PR plan that is developed with the assistance of professional consultation and that engages ACs in communication matters.

This document is in draft form.  Revisions to this document are welcomed and must be received no later than October 15th so that a final version of the document can be submitted to the board for the strategic planning process occurring November 1-5, 2017.  Revisions include clarification of wording, identification of spelling and grammar errors, and identification of any missing information.

Please provide your revisions by referencing the specific recommendation by number and stating the item[s] to be revised.  Submit this information to on or before October 15, 2017.  Thank you!

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