Results of the PGMDS Committee Vote

//Results of the PGMDS Committee Vote

Results of the PGMDS Committee Vote

January 31, 2014: RESULTS of the PMGDS Committee Vote
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There were a total of 11 qualified nominees for the four (4) available member-elected positions.The four (4) nominees who received the highest percentage of votes and who will subsequently serve on the PMGDS Committee are:

  • Dennis Cokely
  • Betty Colonomos
  • Adam Bartley
  • Hartmut Teuber

A total of 2,408 voting members participated in this election. Each voting member had the opportunity to vote for a maximum of four out of the 11 nominees. The election was open from Sunday, December 15, 2013 through Saturday, January 25, 2014. RID utilized SimplyVoting as the voting tool for this election.The final results of the vote for each of the nominees were as follows:

Results of voting through SimplyVoting, to serve on the PMGDS as per CM2013.03
Adam Bartley 880 36.5%
Betty Colonomos 1542 64.0%
Connie Jo Lewis 638 26.5%
Dennis Cokely 1754 72.8%
Elizabeth Morgan 756 31.4%
Hartmut Teuber 815 33.8%
Ilah Jackson 155 6.4%
Judith Viera 638 26.5%
Kyle Duarte 534 22.2%
Philip Wilson 674 28.0%
Shannon Moutinho 439 18.2%
Answered Questions 2408 100%
Abstain 0 0.0%
Total 2408

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