Hi, the purpose of this vlog is to provide the membership with updates following the RID Board’s 2016 October board meeting. I would first like to apologize for the delay in getting this vlog to you. I know that members await several decisions from the RID Board of Directors.

Power, Privilege, and Oppression (PPO) CEU Update

I am the board liaison for the Power, Privilege, and Oppression CEU (PPO) workgroup. That group has been working to develop language to add the PPO CEU as a requirement to the CMP, in accordance to the member motion that was passed during the 2015 RID National Conference in New Orleans. Language has been developed and approved by RID’s Professional Development Committee. Next, the PPO workgroup is sending that language to our 3 councils (Deaf Advisory Council, Council of Elders, and the Diversity Council), as well as to our Member Section leadership for review and feedback. Once their feedback is received and edits are made, then the language will be submitted to the RID board for approval.

Provisional Deaf Interpreter (PDI) Certificate Update

Hello! I’m Ritchie Bryant, and I am the Deaf Member at Large (DMAL) on the RID Board. On behalf of the board, we want to apologize – we understand that the delays with the CDI