Hi, the purpose of this vlog is to provide the membership with updates following the RID Board’s 2016 October board meeting. I would first like to apologize for the delay in getting this vlog to you. I know that members await several decisions from the RID Board of Directors.

Power, Privilege, and Oppression (PPO) CEU Update

I am the board liaison for the Power, Privilege, and Oppression CEU (PPO) workgroup. That group has been working to develop language to add the PPO CEU as a requirement to the CMP, in accordance to the member motion that was passed during the 2015 RID National Conference in New Orleans. Language has been developed and approved by RID’s Professional Development Committee. Next, the PPO workgroup is sending that language to our 3 councils (Deaf Advisory Council, Council of Elders, and the Diversity Council), as well as to our Member Section leadership for review and feedback. Once their feedback is received and edits are made, then the language will be submitted to the RID board for approval.

Provisional Deaf Interpreter (PDI) Certificate Update

Hello! I’m Ritchie Bryant, and I am the Deaf Member at Large (DMAL) on the RID Board. On behalf of the board, we want to apologize – we understand that the delays with the CDI

[Certified Deaf Interpreter] Bridge Plan have caused some anxiousness and unease among the candidates. We appreciate that you have been anticipating answers. This vlog will provide a brief explanation for the cause of the delay to help you gain an understanding.

As you may remember, the National Interpreter Certification [NIC] and Certified Deaf Interpreter [CDI] exams were placed into moratorium during the national conference in New Orleans last year. We wanted to make sure the tests meet industry and market standards. After discussion, we have decided to support the development of new exams for both the NIC and CDI and have committed funding accordingly.

The current iteration of the NIC is still a valid and reliable test, and is a good indicator of a successful certification examination. We can legally defend this exam should it be necessary.  When the new NIC is developed, it will replace the current iteration.

The life cycle on the CDI, on the other hand, has expired, and we can no longer legally defend this exam. Because of this, RID has determined that a new CDI exam needs to be developed before the performance portion of the CDI exam can be offered to candidates.  In the interim, we have wanted to put a bridge plan in place. The bridge would offer a short-term, temporary certification for candidates who meet the requirements.

The original plan was to begin offering the CDI bridge plan at the same time as the NIC performance testing was resumed.  But, the RID Board encountered a problem. We assigned a CDI workgroup to review, analyze, and make recommendations for our temporary CDI Bridge Plan. They made a formal report and final recommendations to RID Board. The Board then sent the report to RID’s lawyers to make sure the recommendations were legally permissible  The lawyer found one criteria to be at issue in the report the workgroup had sent to the Board. The Board sent it back to workgroup for further consideration, but to date, we have not been able to come consensus.  Thus, the delay.

That’s where we are. The RID Board will have face-to-face meeting in Alexandria, Virginia from December 8th to 11th.  In the meeting, we will once again meet with the workgroup and we will work to reach to an agreement.

Thereafter, we will announce our decision regarding the CDI Bridge Plan. We’ll include more Deaf members in our plans next time we encounter a problem like this. I’m positive we will continue to become more transparent as an organization. Thank you for your understanding.



Volunteer Leadership Updates

We have four groups that needed to have volunteer leadership appointments made and confirmed. The Ethics Committee, Certification Committee, CPC Review Committee, and the Pro Bono CEU workgroup. Appointments for the 3 committees have been made and confirmed. If you recall, the Pro Bono workgroup was to be composed of individuals both in favor and opposed to the idea of a Pro Bono CEU.  Those individuals who confirmed interest have been contacted for follow up, to determine their position. Their responses were due by November 16th. More information, including the names of those appointed to the work groups will be released soon.

New/Returning Board Members

I am thrilled to announce that we have filled the board vacancies in Regions 1 and 4. Hartmut Teuber joins the board again as Region I Representative, and Sonja Smith joins the board as the Region IV Representative. We are left with a vacancy in Region V because of my appointment to RID Vice President. Mish Ktejik, Region V Representative – elect, will be sworn in at the beginning of the December RID board meeting which will take place face-to-face in Alexandria, VA beginning December 8th. With these three positions filled, we will now have a full board.

Past President Whitcher

The board also agreed to welcome Dawn Whitcher back to serve as Past President. As you know Past President Whitcher resigned from the board in August of this year when she made the decision to apply for the position of Sr. Director of Programs and Services within RID Headquarters.  The position vacancy has been filled by another individual removing any conflict from Past President Whitcher’s service on the board. Recognizing that there has been no precedent set for this situation, the board checked in with RID’s parliamentarian as a part of our due diligence to this process. Past President Whitcher serving in this capacity means that she will be able to offer insight into policy and process given her nearly 8 years of board service.

RID Board December Face-to-Face meeting

Again, the RID board meets face-to-face this week from Dec. 8-11. Please stay tuned for the updates from our meeting. Thank you for watching.