RID Board of Directors Responds to NAD

This is a recording of the information-sharing session that was hosted on GoToTraining, regarding the recent RID-NAD situation.


The attached PDF includes the PowerPoint slides and notes (which include the English text of the ASL video) used in the development of this presentation. Please use them as a review of the information provided.

Link to PDF is here: https://rid.org/ridresponsetonad-slides-012616/


Information about the Board’s Response and Presentation

The RID Board is focused on communicating with members as effectively as possible. While we can’t have one-on-one meetings with 16,000 members, we do want to make sure you have access to as much information as possible to understand our current situation as an organization and how we need to address them for our future sustainability and relevance.

Much of the information we are sharing with you now is information that has only started to reveal itself collectively to the Board over the past year or so. This includes our overall financial picture, the liability we face with testing, and the ongoing struggles with the partnerships we have engaged in due to the lack of clearly defined obligations and responsibilities.

This is a lengthy presentation and will take an hour of your time. We hope that you will take the time to invest in the knowledge we are providing you. There is a lot of criticism and concern expressed in our communities about RID’s decision-making over the last few years. The information provided in this presentation, while hearty and in-depth, will give you insight into the rationale of those decisions as well as provide you the opportunity to more fully invest in the knowledge of the action and engagement of your professional organization.

As indicated in the presentation, more information will become available to the membership as we move forward with this process of sustainability and relevance.

We appreciate your time and attention to this matter as we continue in our shared vision for a qualified interpreting workforce.

Click the link to access the ASL RID Board Response and Presentation of Information to the Membership. This response was conducted in GoToTraining and will require you to register (no cost) to review the content:


Again, note that the PowerPoint slides and notes are available here: https://rid.org/ridresponsetonad-slides-012616/

This is the first time we are using this format to provide the membership information. Please share your feedback related to this platform for communication and information dissemination.  There is a feedback mechanism within GoToTraining, or you can send email directly to Tina Maggio, Sr. Director of Programs and Services, at tmaggio@rid.org.