Hello, I’m Melvin Walker, President of RID. The purpose of this video is to discuss the search process for the position of RID CEO. This topic has generated a large amount of discussion on social media. The Board wants to share what information we can. I’m sure many of you have experienced situations in your own professional careers working with agencies, companies, and businesses where certain types of information cannot be shared. Many things happen in an interview process that must remain confidential. This is for the protection of the candidates who were interviewed and also the organization. We recognize that there are some RID members and also some individuals in the Deaf community who are asking for more transparency, such as why a particular person was not selected or why the search committee only recommended two people to advance to the second interview stage. We recognize these individuals’ desire for specific answers, but the Board has an obligation to keep confidentiality to protect both the applicants and the organization.

Now, let’s talk about the process. Many of you have seen previous videos that explained parts of the process. This search really began in November 2017 at the Board’s face-to-face meeting at RID Headquarters. The Board met with the purpose of working on the strategic plan using information gathered during the SLC conference. During this meeting, we realized the need for the organizational structure to shift from an Executive Direc