ASDC is the premier source of information for people who must make decisions about deaf children: parents, families,  providers, educators, legislators, and advocates.

ASDC sets out the following principles, which ASDC believes apply universally to deaf children, their families, and the professionals who serve them. These principles apply regardless of whether the family chooses a cochlear implant for their child, hearing aids, other hearing technology, or no hearing technology at all.

Are you raising a deaf child?

Did you know that ASDC is now offering five, 30-minute interactive sessions with Deaf adult role models to 500 families?

The American Society for Deaf Children recognizes the importance of Deaf adult role models in the lives of families raising deaf children. Fewer than 25 Deaf Mentor programs currently exist to serve families in the United States. Considering, one in one-thousand babies are born deaf, and 92% of those babies are born to hearing parents, most hearing families do not experience what we see as crucial interactions with Deaf adults.

In hopes of bridging that gap and using technology to reach beyond traditional Deaf mentoring methods, ASDC is offering five, 30-minute SignOn sessions (a $100 value) to the first 500 ASDC Member Families who request codes.

SignOn is a virtual immersion program that lets you practice your ASL live with a Deaf adult from the comfort of your own computer. Our families who participate in this new offering will experience the following benefits:

  • Practice ASL with a Deaf adult
  • Choose your own topics, personalized to your needs and skill
  • Flexible scheduling, available 7 days a week
  • Private platform, no downloads needed
  • One-on-one practice with personalized feedback
  • Review your sessions anytime through your SignOn dashboard

This program is available to 500 members of the American Society for Deaf Children.

To join, or renew your membership, click here.


Conrad Baer and Albert Blake Bike Across America to Support ASDC!

Meet Conrad Baer and Albert Blake and follow them as they bike across America (Baer & Blake Across America) to support ASDC – American Society for Deaf Children, your 2019 RID Cares recipient!

Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram at @BBikeUSA, and the @BBikeUSA blog!

RID CARES is RID’S philanthropic initiative as a result of CM 2011.12- All future National and Regional Conferences include a philanthropic initiative that benefits the Deaf Community as part of their respective Conferences. 
The RID CARES initiative strives to provide extraordinary opportunities for interpreters and members of the Deaf community to give back by partnering alongside remarkable organizations with missions to make a difference in our society! 
Aligned with their biennial conference and the associated region, RID CARES partners with an organization that encompasses the ideals of a world-changing initiative in order to bring awareness and support to difficult issues facing the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf-Blind and interpreting communities. Join us as we share our intense dedication to philanthropy and community involvement, as well as our vision to improve the communities we belong to and serve, in order to make a positive impact on the future!