Becoming Certified and Receiving Your Certificate

Certification Cycle Dates

Effective April, 1, 1999, a majority vote of the RID voting membership on Motion PDC 98.01 set the current requirements for the CMP cycle time-line. Per this motion, a certificant’s newly certified cycle start date is the date that RID initially sent the exam results letter (the Results Sent date) and extends until December 31st of the year indicated by the following:
If the Results Sent date falls between 7/1/2015 and 6/30/2016…..Newly certified cycle ends 12/31/2020
If the Results Sent date falls between 7/1/2016 and 6/30/2017…..Newly certified cycle ends 12/31/2021
If the Results Sent date falls between 7/1/2017 and 6/30/2018…..Newly certified cycle ends 12/31/2022

Each successfully-completed certification cycle is followed by a four year certification cycle, running from January 1 of the first year through December 31 of the fourth year.

Cycle Option

As a default, a new cycle is created in the record of all new certificants, regardless of previous certification held, so if you earn a new certification or pass a re-examination of the same certification, a Newly Certified Cycle is automatically added to your record. However, you have the option to continue the cycle timeline from your previous certification. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from the previous cycle cannot be carried over into a new cycle; however, the CEU requirement would not need to be met in the shortened cycle.

If you would like the new certification cycle, there is no need to notify RID. If you wish to keep your previous certification cycle, please complete the Cycle Option Form enclosed with your Newly Certified Packet or prepare a written request and send to RID within 60 days of your Results Sent date.  Submission options are:

1) mail the form to RID, Attn: Professional Development Dept, 333 Commerce Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

2) send a scanned copy of the form to, or

3) fax the form to 703-838-0454.

It is important to remember that this is a one-time option that comes with each newly-earned certification. Once your choice has been made and noted in your record, it cannot be changed.

Newly Certified Packet

You can expect to receive a Newly Certified Packet from RID approximately 6-8 weeks after your passing performance exam and your results letter was sent. This packet will include your certificate and a congratulations letter as well as information about the Certification Maintenance Program and earning RID CEUs.

Note: you may begin earning CEUs for your new certification cycle any time on or after your certification start date.

Duplicate Certificates

In the event that your certificate arrives damaged, with incorrect spelling or information, or does not arrive at all (three weeks after being mailed), the certificate will be replaced once free of charge. This replacement request should be submitted in writing to or by fax to 703-838-0454.

In the event that you lose your certificate, need a replacement certificate, want the name on the certificate updated due to a legal name change, or would simply like a duplicate certificate, you may purchase one on the RID website. Replacement certificates are processed once a month.

Certified Membership

Maintaining current RID membership is a requirement for maintaining RID certification. If you are a current Associate Member at the time you achieve certification, your membership will automatically be converted into a Certified Membership. If you are not an Associate or Certified member at the time you achieve certification, you need to pay Certified Member dues to bring your membership into good standing. For more information, contact the Member Services Department at 703-838-0030. Keep in mind:

  • Membership runs from July 1 through June 30 and is paid for annually.
  • There is no extra charge for holding more than one RID certification or for holding specialty certification.
  • Those who hold NAD certification must also keep their NAD certification dues in good standing with RID.

Displaying Your Credential

One of the privileges of achieving RID certification is the ability to show your credential on your business card, resume, brochures or other advertisements, etc. Your credentials (also called “post-nomial abbreviations”) should be displayed only after your full name (with or without middle initial) in the following order:

  1. Given names (Jr., II, etc.)
  2. Academic degrees from highest level to lowest level above a bachelor degree (bachelor degree credentials are not typically displayed)
  3. State licensure credentials
  4. Professional certifications (such as RID credentials)

Certificants who hold more than one RID certification should display them in the following order: IC, TC, IC/TC, CSC, MCSC, RSC, OIC:V/S, OIC:S/V, OIC:C, CI, CT, CI and CT, CDI, NIC, NIC Advanced, NIC Master, OTC, SC:PA, SC:L, NAD III, NAD IV, NAD V, Ed:K-12.

Here are a few examples of displaying the RID credentials:
Jane L. Doe, MS, CDI, CLIP-R
John Doe, Jr., QAST, CI and CT, Ed:K-12
Jane Lynn Doe, PhD, NIC, SC:L, NAD IV