Provisional Deaf Interpreter Credential

Frequently Asked Questions

The Provisional Deaf Interpreter Credential (PDIC) is a temporary credential that will be awarded to eligible individuals who satisfy all previous requirements to take the CDI performance test, AND who submit the required application form and approved attestations of language and interpreting competence. The PDIC is designed to temporarily credential those who have met all the criteria associated with taking the CDI performance exam, but who are unable to take the performance exam because it is on moratorium.

All PDIC credentials will automatically expire and become invalid 12 months after CASLI releases the new Deaf Interpreter Performance exam or immediately upon a PDIC holder’s achievement of the CDI certification, whichever comes first. No extensions will be granted. For example, if the new Deaf Interpreter Performance exam becomes available on December 1, 2018, the PDIC would be good until December 1, 2019. This assumes that the PDIC holder remains current in their membership, CEUs, and has no EPS violations. This 12-month period allows the PDIC holder time to take and pass the new Deaf Interpreter Performance exam and achieve the CDI certification. At the end of that 12-month period, the PDIC will expire and reference to any such designation will be eliminated from the RID database.

No. RID grants certification based on the satisfaction of a number of factors, including achieving a passing score on a performance exam. Once granted certification, individuals are automatically moved into the Certified Membership category and awarded all the privileges of certified membership. There is currently no performance exam available for Deaf interpreters, therefore, the PDIC is a temporary credential and is not a certification. Holders of the PDIC will have a special status within RID designated only for this temporary credential.

Deaf interpreters who:

  • Have valid, passing CDI knowledge exam results;
  • Meet the educational requirements for the CDI certification (currently an Associate’s degree from an accredited college