*These certifications were developed and administered by NAD and are recognized by RID.

NAD (National Association of the Deaf) Certifications

In 2003, RID began to recognize interpreters who hold NAD III, NAD IV and NAD V certifications. These credentials were offered by the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) between the early 1990s and late 2002. In order to continue to maintain their certification, NAD credentialed interpreters must have had an active certification and registered with RID prior to June 30, 2005. These interpreters are required to comply with all aspects of RID’s Certification Maintenance Program, including the completion of professional development.

NAD III (Generalist) – Average Performance

Holders of this certification possess above average voice-to-sign skills and good sign-to-voice skills. Holders have demonstrated the minimum competence needed to meet generally accepted interpreter standard. Occasional words or phrases may be deleted but the expressed concept is accurate. The individual displays good grammar control of the second language and is generally accurate and consistent, but is not qualified for all situations.

NAD IV (Advanced) – Above Average Performance

Holders of this certification possess excellent voice-to-sign skills and above average sign-to-voice skills. Holders have demonstrated above average skill in any given area. Performance is consistent and accurate and fluency is smooth, with few deletions; the viewer has no question to the candidate’s competency. Holders of this certification should be able to interpret in most situations.

NAD V (Master) – Superior Performance

Holders of this certification possess superior voice-to-sign skills and excellent sign-to-voice skills. Holders have demonstrated excellent to outstanding ability in any given area. The individual had minimum flaws in their performance and have demonstrated interpreting skills necessary in almost all situations.