Maintaining Certification

The Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) is the vehicle used to monitor the continued skill development of certified interpreters. Certification maintenance is a way of ensuring that practitioners maintain their skill levels and keep up with developments in the interpreting field, thereby assuring consumers that a Certified interpreter provides quality interpreting services.

Once certified, members must maintain their certification through continuing education, membership in RID, and compliance with the RID Code of Professional Conduct. This is required of all certified members.


Maintain current RID membership by paying annual RID Certified Member dues

 Meet the CEU requirements of the RID Certification Maintenance Program (CMP)

CMP CEU Requirements:

8.0 Total CEUs with at least 6.0 in PS CEUs
(up to 2.0 GS CEUs may be applied toward the requirement)
SC:L’s only–2.0 of the