RID Information Regarding Coronavirus

RID will be using this page to provide information related to RID’s operations and announcements during the coronavirus situation.  These details can vary from work from home protocols that the staff are following, to President’s announcements, to helpful links and information.  We encourage you to check back on this page if you have any questions about RID functions and operations during this time.

Please practice self-care. RID cares about our interpreters, the work you do, and the Deaf communities we serve. Thank you. #WeAreRID

Under the direction of the RID Board of Directors, RID took the lead on establishing accessible communications from the Federal Goverment, including the White House, CDC, and the Coronavirus Task Force Meetings. This was done by forging a relationship with DPAN.tv, Convo, and The Daily Moth.  We’ve pooled resources, skills, and abilities, and we’re providing live-streamed, interpreted, and subtitled broadcasts.  These broadcasts will be shared on the RID, DPAN, Convo, and The Daily Moth Facebook pages and social media feeds.