Hawaii RID

Hawaii Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (HRID) Affiliate Chapter Update:


Participants of the workshop “Relay Interpreting: A Team Approach-A Special Training Event for Deaf and Hearing Interpreters” Presented by Sharon Neumann Solow, Trenton Marsh, and Christopher Tester- December 2011.

Last fall we were blessed with a trio of presenters from the mainland who came out to work with several Deaf individuals striving to become CDI’s. Sharon Neumann Solow, Trenton Marsh, and Christopher Tester came to Honolulu four times last fall and winter to present these CDI workshops. They’ve come back again this year to continue training and to prepare our DI’s for testing and interpreting work. The workshops have not only been successful at teaching the Deaf students tools for interpreting, in addition, it has brought seasoned Hearing Interpreters back into the classroom to work side by side with the Deaf students. The Hearing Interpreters have been the students’ mentors and cheerleaders, yet most of all, they’ve been their classmates, learning and growing from the rich and thought-provoking classroom discussions and experiences. It has truly been an honor to be in a training program along side Deaf individuals, learning, once again, what it means to be an interpreter and a team. The trio will be back again in October for another weekend-long workshop. For information about this workshop contact: hrid.vicepresident@gmail.com.