Special Elections : Region I and IV

//Special Elections : Region I and IV

Special Elections : Region I and IV



Hello, I’m Melvin Walker. June is upon us, and it already feels that summer has arrived, and it’s hot! In preparing to make this video I looked back at my last video related to the results from the Region Representatives nominations period and realized I had on the same shirt as today. It seems that this is my favorite shirt to wear while discussing Regional things so lets move forward in discussing the special elections for the Region I and Region IV vacancies not yet filled. The Board has decided to have the nominations period coincide with the Regional Conferences to allow discussion among members in those regions as to who wants to run for the representative positions. We would also like to make it clear that there is no requirement for a person to attend a Regional Conference to run for a representative position. We feel it’s a great opportunity for discussion but also understand that not everyone can attend conference. There are work conflicts and other obligations that prevent members from attending conference. You, as a member of Region I or IV, can still run for the position as long as you gather the necessary signatures and submit your nominations. Now, let me outline the timeline for the Special Elections.

  • Nominations Period – June 6 – July 29, 2016
  • Verify Nominations – 1st week of August
  • Elections Period – August 8 – 19, 2016

Once the elections period is over we will announce the new representatives for Regions I and IV. I wish those of you who plan to run good luck and hope to see a long list of candidates on the ballots that are motivated for Board service and to represent your regions. Thank you, and I hope you all have a wonderful summer with your families.


Learn more about the nominations process: http://rid.org/rid-board-of-directors/board-of-directors/nominations-process-region-representatives/

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