To maintain the CMP Sponsorship status, Sponsors must pay annual dues to RID. The dues structure is as follows:

Organizational Sponsorship dues are $350

Affiliate Chapter Sponsorship dues are $225

Individual Sponsorship Dues are $175.

RID’s fiscal year is July 1 through June 30.

Dues and fees schedule:

June 30 – Dues should be paid for the upcoming fiscal year.

July 15 – A reminder e-mail will be sent to those that have not yet paid their dues.

July 31 – Final deadline for all dues before late fees are assigned to the unpaid Sponsors’ accounts

August 1 – If dues have not been paid, sponsorship will be suspended until paid in full, including fees. ($50 late fees for individuals and affiliate chapters and $100 late fees for organization.) Suspension means that no new activities can be processed, but the Sponsor can continue with events already submitted.

September 30 – Sponsorship will be revoked if dues and late fees are not paid in full.

Invoices are emailed to the CMP Coordinator in April of each year. No hard copy is sent out. When the invoice is received, please forward to the appropriate party. Dues can be paid through three options.

  • Mailed payment. To renew by check or money order, complete and detach the payment slip that has been emailed to you and submit with payment to: RID, Attn; Professional Development Dept, 333 Commerce Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. The check should be made payable to RID.  To prevent processing delays, please include Sponsor Name and “FY 2017 CMP Sponsor Fee” with checks and money orders.
  • Online payment. To renew with a MasterCard or VISA payment through the Sponsor account, log on to the account ( and click on “My Orders.” Please ensure that the billing address information matches the information listed with the credit card company.
  • Phone payment/Fax. To renew with a MasterCard or VISA payment over the phone with a MasterCard or VISA, please call the Professional Development Department  703-838-0030, option 7 and to fax to 703-838-0454 Attn: Professional Development Department.

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