Video Introduction Description: Swirling text: “RID Presents” “RID National Conference 7-11 July 2019 / Rhode Island” “#RIDProvidence19” “RID”). Video switches to Bill Millios, Director of Communications and Outreach – a blonde-haired white-presenting man wearing a blue shirt. He is seated at his desk. Behind him you can see a shelf with a bunch of RID Publications books and a green wall.

Hello! The biennial membership business meeting will be held during the 2019 RID National Conference. This message includes important dates to note in preparation of the business meeting.

As has been done in the past, the business meeting will be conducted over two days. The meetings will be held on Monday July 8th at 2:45-6:00pm EST and Tuesday July 9th at 8:45-11:45am EST.

Motions must be received by certain dates to be considered and voted upon during conference. Motions that impact the RID bylaws must be shared with the membership 90 days prior to conference. Motions that do not impact the bylaws must be shared with the membership 60 days prior to c