Sample Ad Image Without Annotations (Click)

Submitting Your Ad Design With Links as an Annotated PDF

In order for RID to place your interactive advertisement in one of our publications, we wish to confirm that all links are correct and direct to the appropriate page that the client desires. Follow these simple steps to create an annotated PDF for your ad to let us know what links are to be included in your interactive advertisement!

  1. Create your advertisement image.
  2. Insert image to Adobe Acrobat or PDF Reader
  3. Click the “Comment” button in the top toolbar
  4. Click in the document where you’d like to add a link or interactive feature
  5. In the new comment box, type your link exactly as you’d like to connect it for the interactive ad.
  6. Save your PDF file.
  7. Send your original image AND Annotated PDF to

Sample Ad Image with Annotations (Click)