Organizational Remarks/Positions re: DPMAL

Following are the position statements regarding the Deaf-Parented Member-at-Large Bylaws Referendum from the following (scroll below for each statement): RID Board of Directors Deaf Caucus Interpreters with Deaf Parents (IDP) Member Section RID Board of Directors: Signed video>> Position: The Board of Directors supports the inclusion of all perspectives and experiences at all levels of [...]

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Deaf-Parented Member-at-Large Bylaws Amendments

Article IV: Directors Section 1- Composition of Board of Directors: The board of directors shall be comprised of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, member-at-large (MAL), deaf member-at-large (DMAL), deaf-parented member-at-large (DPMAL), and one representative from each region.  In addition, the immediate past president may serve as a non-voting ex-officio member of the board of directors for [...]

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Deaf-parented Member-at-Large Bylaws Amendment

RESULTS of Deaf-Parented Member-at-Large Bylaws Amendment Referendum Announced (November 25, 2013)               Signed Announcement>> RID Members: We now share the results of the Deaf-Parented Member-at-Large position on the RID Board of Directors.  The voting period started September 15th and ended November 15th.  Of all votes cast, 2/3 in favor [...]

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IDP Member-at-Large Position Results

Motion E: IDP Member at Large Position Results from President Brenda Walker Prudhom View the Signed Announcement>> Thursday, March 7, 2013- Alexandria, VA Many of you have been patiently waiting for the results of the 2011 Conference Motion E (CM2011.04), presented by the Interpreter with Deaf Parents (IDP) Member Section, which supported an IDP Member [...]

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