I’m Bill Millios, the Director of Communications and Outreach here at RID.  I just wanted to take a minute to ask you a small favor.

We have been planning the RID National Conference this summer, and we recently added the Emerging Practitioners Test Preparation workshop on Sunday, July 7th:


This workshop is designed for the emerging practitioner who wants to take the new CASLI exams when they are ready in January 2020. The workshop will cover what’s on the exams – and then there will be a guided self-assessment with the three amazing presenters/instructors: Christine Multra Kraft, Holly Nelson, and Marlee Dyce. They are experts in helping interpreters prepare for certification exams. The participants will leave the workshop with an individualized study plan and the resources they need in order to prepare for the new exam. This is a huge opportunity for those who are not yet certified.

We’ve put together a discount registration program for these emerging practitioners as well. Current students can register for $300, which includes a one-year membership to RID.  Uncertified interpreters can register for $300 to attend the full conference, or they can register for $400, and that would include a one-year Associate Membership to RID, and they would be eligible for significant savings on the certification exams. The registration form for these packages is here:


We have also announced the day rates – so if an uncertified interpreter was interested ONLY in this workshop then they could register for the single day of Sunday for $200 and take this workshop. (Day rate registrations are only available onsite.)

If you’re an emerging practitioner – please come!

The challenge is that many emerging practitioners are not on RID’s email distribution list, because they are not yet certified, and/or haven’t signed up to take the test yet. So, that leads me to my request – if you could please take a minute, and forward this email to some aspiring interpreters and encourage them to consider attending this workshop, we would appreciate it.

From all of us at HQ – thank you for all you do. If there is anything that I (or we) can do for you, please let me know.


Bill Millios
Director of Communications and Outreach