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updated 10.21.2016


RID to Establish a Separate LLC Testing Entity

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The following FAQs were added 12/23/15:

Will one still need to be a member of RID to hold certification?

Currently, RID does not have a category of membership for certified-non-members.  To create such a category would require a Bylaws change, voted on and passed by 2/3 of the voting membership.  In other words, the members would have to decide if they wanted certification extended to individuals who are not members of RID.

Article IV. Section 2.

  1. The Board may add certificates to or add or change categories for membership in RID only with prior approval of 2/3 of the eligible membership voting on the issue.

Members retain the right to determine the categories of membership within RID and what certifications RID awards. If such certified-non-member category were created, those individuals without membership, would not have a vote within RID.  Currently, only certified members are able to vote on certification matters.

For several years, RID has been exploring the idea of volunteer membership and will be presenting several options for member consideration and possible vote in the coming year.

Since the EIPA is already given by an outside entity, what is the rationale for continuing the moratorium for