Laying the Foundation for Our Future

RID’s Annual Report comes out every year with the intent to provide a snapshot of the organization for our membership. There is a lot of information provided with the hope that you will see how we are doing, where we can improve, and perhaps see an opportunity to become involved.

The Annual Report front page includes information about the Board of Directors, and a timeline of events from the  year. Buttons are provided that lead to different sections, each one focusing on a different department and section of RID. Charts are clickable, numbers in the finance section provide additional information when hovering a mouse, and the navigation bar at the top allows you to move easily from section to section.

Please feel free to skim quickly, and drill down when you see something that interests you. If you have any comments or questions, we hope that you will inquire with us. This Annual Report does not belong to Headquarters, it belongs to all of us.