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LEWIS MERKIN: Greetings to all of our colleagues—the members of RID, the Deaf community, and stakeholders in the sign language interpreting profession.  I am Lewis Merkin, Region I Representative on the RID Board, and I am serving as co-chair of the Transition Team with my colleague, CM Hall, Member at Large.

CM HALL: We are announcing the formation of the RID Transition Team (abbreviated TT), which will lead the search for RID’s next Executive Director.  Lewis, with his background, strengths, skills, and experience, are a great fit with mine.  Together, we will lead the search process.  The real goal is to find the right match for RID.

LEWIS MERKIN: The work of the Transition Team will also be advised by Third Sector North East

[sic].  To find out more information about them, see their website on the screen.

Third Sector New England:

The Transition Team will consist of seven members, the two co-chairs, plus:

CM Hall, Co Chair
Lewis Merkin, Co Chair
Deaf Advisory Council nominee
Council of Elders nominee
Diversity Council nominee
Staff nominee
Board nominee

Each of the five additional members come from different places.  There are the three Councils, the staff, and the Board.  Each group will be asked to submit two nominees to the co-chairs.  The three Councils are expected to nominate one person from within the Council group and another member who is not on that Council, but can represent them.

For the staff’s two nominees, one of the nominees can be a Director-level position while one of the other nominees cannot be a Director-level position.

And finally, we will get two candidates from the Board itself.

CM and I will review all the nominees to make sure that the group has a diversity of perspectives and that the Team represents a cross-section of the RID membership.  The nominees will then be presented to the Board, who will make the final selections. Members of the Transition Team will not be allowed to apply for the Executive Director position.

CM HALL:  We’ve received queries from the membership, asking how long the process is expected to take.   It is a long process.  On average, most non-profit organizations take from nine months to a year for their search process.

The TT group will meet several different ways: face-to-face, video, and email.  The first time we meet will be soon – within a month or two.  The first goal of the group during these meetings is to develop the leadership profile of what we want the Executive Director to be like – what are the qualifications, skills, abilities that are needed.  How can they best interact with Headquarters?  What are their operational skills?  What are their communications skills – with the Board, with others?  From these characteristics, we will develop the job description.

After we have developed the profile and the job description, we will share that with others.

When people apply, the TT will review the applications and discuss the candidates. They will then narrow down the applicant group to the best final candidates.  Once finalists are identified, members, partners, and the community will have an opportunity to engage with them and provide input.  The TT will document your comments and feedback, and then suggest the final candidates to the Board for final selection.   At that point, we will make an offer for employment.

LEWIS MERKIN: YOU are RID, and YOU will help the Transition Team fulfill its mission. We are committed to an honest and transparent process and intend to keep you informed every step of the way.  There will also be an opportunity for dialogue from the community with the finalists, prior to the Board’s final decision.

The next update will be the announcement of the Transition Team members.

Thank you.