Travel Expense Report Approval by Supervisor

/Travel Expense Report Approval by Supervisor
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Travel Expense Report Approval

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  • Fields are pre-populated based on what the submitter filled out. Please review the fields, and put your approval at the bottom.

  • Receipts must be submitted for all expenses claimed, except for per diem.

    Expense reports must be submitted to RID within 15 days of the trip for timely processing. Requests submitted after this deadline may be declined.

    Reimbursement Rates
    Mileage 56.5 cents/mile
    Daily Rate Per Diem
    Breakfast $12.00
    Lunch $16.00
    Dinner $23.00
    Call us (571) 257-3905 VP
    (571) 384-4927 VP
    Email us
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