Update from the Board Meeting – Saturday, March 19, 2016

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Update from the Board Meeting – Saturday, March 19, 2016



Secretary Joshua Pennise
Region III Representative Sandra Maloney

Board meeting – Day 3

Hello. The Board is working through our agenda for this week, focusing on the path ahead for our organization, our profession, and our impact on the community we serve.

Our history lesson for the day was about College Hall. There you can find the first Deaf Space.  It is a square tower with spiraling stairs. If you look at the RID Facebook page, you will see the picture of the stairs looking up to the skylight.

Ritchie Bryant started out the day with our exercises of power and privilege training. It may seem redundant for us to have power and privilege training every morning however we value the time to learn and reflect on our own power and privilege.   Yesterday we focused on the Latino/a/x community and stereotypes and misunderstandings regarding their community members.  We also discussed micro aggression which is a subtle, less overt oppression.   We explored how to recognize our own expression of micro aggression, how to recognize it in others and how to address it in both cases.  It was an important and worthwhile discussion.

The Board has engaged in extensive discussions over the last few days about the status of the moratorium. We looked at it as a whole system for testing and certification as well as from the individual parts for the specific exams (NIC, CDI, SC:L, OT:C) and how they make up the whole.

The Board made a number of decisions today that build on the decisions made yesterday regarding the development of a CDI Bridge Plan workgroup.

Regarding the CDI: RID will begin accepting applications for the temporary CDI credential on July 1, 2016. This is a temporary credential until the new CDI exam is developed. The Board approved the CDI test development plan as proposed by the Certification Department. We know you probably have a ton of questions regarding this decision. To assist with those questions, we will be developing an FAQ within the next week that will provide more details and information about the CDI temporary credential and test development process.

Regarding the NIC: RID will begin accepting applications for the NIC performance examination on July 1, 2016, conditional to a resolution of the ownership issues of the exam with NAD. Ownership of the exam is still an ongoing discussion with NAD and this matter will need to be resolved before we can begin offering the NIC Performance exam.

In addition, the Board also approved the NIC test development plan as proposed by the Certification Department.  Again, we know this decision will spur questions so our intent is to provide you as much detail and information as possible within the next week. Look for those FAQs soon.

To address the specialty credentialing area, the RID Board approved the creation of the Certification Committee. The scope of work of the CC will be developed soon but will look to include how we can provide credentialing in the specialty area of interpreting (legal, medical, mental health, etc.) without the need for a performance exam. Right now there are no development funds authorized or allocated to test development for specialty exams, but we want the new CC to look at alternatives to performance testing for this area of credentialing.

In addressing the ED:K-12 as it relates to the moratorium. The awarding of this credential has been placed on hold until such a time that the members address CM2007.04. This motion is to provide clear guidelines on the acceptance of any other test/assessment for consideration of RID certification. Once these guidelines have been developed, Boys Town or any other testing/assessment entity may apply for consideration of RID certification. The status of this work was recently reported by Region III Representative Sandra Maloney in the February eNEWS. You can find it on the RID website as well.

Financial Decisions:  The Board moved to discuss the FY17 budget. The focus for FY17 is to move us to a zero based budget approach. Over the past few months, with the release of our annual report, we have shared how RID’s practice was to follow a deficit spending cycle. This means that we would borrow from the next fiscal year’s revenue to pay for the current fiscal year’s expenses. This approach, after all these years, put a financial drain on the organization and thus necessitated a shift to zero based budget approach to right the RID financial ship and move to long term sustainability and more responsible budgeting and spending practices.

As a part of the budget, the Board approved the reconceptualization of the dues and fees structure presented by HQ. We also accepted a new fundraising campaign that will mirror that of the one done in the 1980s- Golden 100 and Silver 250. More information about the dues and fees structure as well as how you can participate in this fundraising campaign will be coming shortly.

Look for more tomorrow as we discuss the budget even further and address the remaining agenda items.

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