RID Board Meeting

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hello!  I am Ritchie Bryant, Deaf Member-at-Large.  And, I am Joshua Pennise, Secretary.  Greetings from Alexandria, VA., where the RID Board of Directors is meeting December 8-11.  We have a busy agenda over the next several days—including conducting interviews with candidates for the Executive Director position.  Vice President West Oyedele is facilitating this board meeting as President Walker was unable to come due to the passing of his father.  Our thoughts and condolences are with him.

The purpose of this vlog is to report on the events of Day 1.

This meeting brings the current composition of the board together for the first time.  With the recent appointment of three new regional reps

[name and region if you are inclined], much of our first day was spent orienting new board members to roles, responsibilities, processes and procedure.  

We spent time discussing the 4 R’s of the Board—Roots, Respect, Relevance and Results. These are the four values that serve to guide our interactions while working together as a board. More about the 4 R’s can be found on the RID website at

We also discussed the norms of the board—those agreements we follow to frame our way of doing business, of taking turns, of working through diverse perspectives, of working towards consensus, and reporting our work to members and stakeholders.

We continue our training related to Power and Privilege.  During Day 1, we focused on the implications of stereotyping and how we can create inclusive and respectful space for our diverse experiences and perspectives.  As we seek to honor and value our diversity as a board and as an organization, exploring the implications of our work together through the lens of power and privilege has been essential. The process of becoming comfortable and open to acknowledging, critiquing, and accepting our own privilege and the ways in which RID as an institution/system has perpetuated the marginalization of some of our members and stakeholders hasn’t been easy—but it has been necessary.  And we remain committed to deepening our understanding so that RID can reach its full potential as an organization of diverse individuals with diverse perspectives.  We look forward to exploring the topic of power and privilege with members who will be attending the 2017 LEAD Together Conference in Salt Lake City, July 20-24, 2017.

The board and HQ staff had an opportunity to meet briefly to become further acquainted with one another and to gain further insight into the various roles and responsibilities of various positions.  RID HQ has an impressive team of professionals dedicated to the work of RID!

After an evening session that focused for new board members, we adjourned and look forward to our second day which will focus on budget, conference, meeting with the CASLI board, a meeting with members of workgroup that developed the CDI bridge plan, and participating in an open house at RID HQ where staff can meet and interface with the candidates for the executive director position.  We will report on the outcomes of the day in tomorrow’s vlog.  Thank you!