Hello! I am Glendia Boon. A few weeks ago we sent out communication about the RID nominations process currently underway. To review that message please visit

The direct link is:

We are excited to provide you with a brief update. We have seen our message shared on facebook, thank you to those who shared it and for encouraging members to consider running for a leadership position. We have also seen conversations and announcements about intentions of running. We are thrilled to see that members are having this discussion.

To date we have received the following nominations:

Nominations Received:
Melvin Walker- President
Sandra Maloney- Vice President

Nominations Not Yet Received:
Deaf Member at Large
Member at Large

We look forward to receiving more nominations shortly and the ability to share that information with you in our next update.

Thank you, again, for taking the time to consider running for a position on the RID Board. We encourage you to think about your colleagues. Who are the people who have the skills that meet the positions available? Encourage them to run!

More to come in the next update.

Thank you!