Update on the SC:L Moratorium – June 28, 2016

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Update on the SC:L Moratorium – June 28, 2016



Current Situation

Recent decisions by the RID Board regarding the future of the SC:L have triggered a lot of social media activity in past few weeks, including recent requests for members to sign on to a petition in an effort to reverse the Board’s decision regarding the moratorium on the SC:L for a select group of individuals—those who have passed one part of the exam

[knowledge], but not both [performance]. As you consider this petition request from your fellow members, RID believes it is important for members to have a full understanding of this situation.

Who and how are members impacted?

There are a total of 151 individuals who were at some stage of application and eligibility regarding the SC:L at the time of the moratorium. Here is a summary of their status:

  1. Those who applied for the exam but had not yet taken any portion of the exam (21 individuals);
  2. Those who applied for the exam, took the knowledge test, and failed (46 individuals);
  3. Those who applied for the exam, took and passed the knowledge exam, but have not yet taken the performance exam (24 individuals); and
  4. Those who applied for the exam, took and passed the knowledge exam, and took but failed the performance exam (60 individuals).

What is being done?

Of the 151, 84 are stuck between having passed the knowledge exam, but not yet passing the performance. 60 of the 84 have taken the performance, some multiple times, but they have not yet passed it. 24 have not yet taken the performance, either because they ran out of time during the pre-moratorium window, or they decided they were not yet ready.

  • RID has offered them a refund or the option to wait and see what happens with specialty testing.
  • The 2016-2018 Certification Committee is charged with investigating a plan for specialty certification and proposing it to the membership for approval.
  • The Board is considering the possibility of some type of temporary credential until such time as a new iteration of the SC:L exam is available.

Where do we go from here?

RID cannot ethically or legally offer the performance exam to these individuals because the SC:L exam is no longer viable. In July and August, 2015, the 2013-2015 Certification Committee, made up of both RID and NAD members, insisted that RID cease administration of the SC:L, CDI and OTC as quickly as possible. The Board responded by voting to place these tests under moratorium, after first allowing a window of opportunity from August 4, 2015- January 1, 2016, for individuals to take the performance exams. Most of the people in this group did take advantage of that opportunity, but not all. Now, this group wants to continue to be able to take the exam for up to the five years allowed in the policy between passing a knowledge exam and taking and passing a performance exam. Although that may seem the fair thing to do, it is not possible to do for ethical and legal reasons. Members of the RID Board and RID HQ have met with some of the members of this group and offered explanation and support. RID will continue to provide support as they move forward and will seek the fairest resolution to this very difficult and disappointing situation.




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