Hi, I’m Julia, Editor of VIEWS. I’m here at my desk, working on the next issue of VIEWS which will be published November 15th – we’re excited to release that to you! We also have a special offer coming out with this issue for VIEWS print orders. I want to take the opportunity to talk to you about that.

When we talk about the print version of VIEWS we need to go back to the last time RID offered print VIEWS – before 2015. At that time, VIEWS was a very high expense for RID and was only available in English format. There was a dual focus in the decision to transition from print to digital mediums. First, a budget analysis in 2013-2014 indicated that cost efficiency would favor the digital platform. Second, requests for ASL content were coming in and RID wanted to be able to accommodate those. The communications department planned to slowly phase-in ASL content as they made the transition to a digital platform.

In 2015, there were several setbacks for VIEWS. During the New Orleans National Conference, a member motion passed that required VIEWS to be published a bilingually. The plan for a slow phase-in of ASL content became a very quick transition. RID didn’t have a team capable of handling such a large influx of work for the communications department. This impacted several areas. 1) The content was difficult to recruit because authors didn’t feel comfortable publishing bilingually or they felt it was too much work. 2) The publication schedule became inconsistent. 3) The design quality suffered because of transitioning to an interactive digital platform with video. 4) Finally, RID struggled to determine publication standards for a bilingual English-ASL publication, since VIEWS was (and is) the only the publication of its kind.

Now as we offer the print version of VIEWS, all of these concerns have been resolved. We’re excited to have a new staff, hired last year, that have been able to really streamline the publication process for VIEWS. 1) Our content has expanded – we receive a lot of submissions each issue and are able to recruit authors who are influential in the field and foundational members of RID. 2) The design is professional and attractive, especially the videos and photography, which increases our advertising potential. Previously VIEWS won several Apex awards for design and we hope to again find publication awards for which we can be eligible. 3) We’ve established a strict publication schedule that will allow the members to consistently receive the publication on time. 4) Our publication standards have been set, including a style guide, a Board of Editors for feedback and peer review, and consistent guidelines for video and text submissions. These standards allow for our contributors to really improve their craft through the publication process. Publishing bilingually in VIEWS is quite the accomplishment!

Last year we surveyed the membership about the VIEWS platform and if they preferred print or digital. Our survey analysis can be found here. The results showed no strong preference for either platform, however, we still receive many requests for VIEWS to be available in a print format and we’re happy to be able to accommodate those individuals through this ordering system.

Our main priority in offering VIEWS print orders is to connect with our community stakeholders – and there are many! They include ITPs who are training the rising generation of interpreters, authors and editors who voluntarily contribute to VIEWS and share their knowledge and experience with the profession, and sister organizations and member sections who are so critical to the profession – we want to do everything we can to have an ongoing collaboration with them. To these groups we sent a targeted print run of the last two issues (we printed a total of about 150 copies of each issue). The feedback from our stakeholders was positive! They enjoyed feeling more engaged with RID and being able to share the information with their students and members.

Despite operating with limited resources, we have been trying to expand awareness of the profession and engagement with the community through VIEWS. We are still limited in our resources, but want to offer our members the opportunity to also receive VIEWS in print format. The struggle is how to do this without putting a large financial burden on the membership. Our strategy is to conduct outreach with ITPs, businesses, and organizations who may be interested in sponsoring print copies to distribute to their employees and members. For example, ITPs could order copies for their faculty, staff, and even students. VRS centers could order copies for their offices and community interpreters. School districts could offer copies to their teachers and interpreters. There are many opportunities for sponsorship of VIEWS print orders, and there are also general sponsorship opportunities for businesses and advertisers – for more information please contact us at advertising@rid.org.

We want VIEWS in print format to become a community effort and for the membership to benefit from it. Alternatively, if you would like to order a copy for yourself, you can do that too! The cost is at $9. You can access the order form for the Fall issue on our website here: https://rid.org/views-print-order-form/. This form will be open November 1st-30th. On November 30th, we will close the form and send the list of mailing addresses to the printers so they can process it and ship all copies to the members around the second week of December. Remember VIEWS will publish online November 15th, so you have a chance to look at the content and decide if you want to order a print copy. Of course, as more people sign up to receive a print copy of VIEWS, the cost will significantly decrease for future issues.  

I want to emphasize that the main platform for VIEWS is still online. The online platform is preferred because there’s full access to ASL content – and that content is so important! Some of our authors have partnered with CDIs to produce their articles, and others have produced their articles with ASL as the primary language, so the English is transcribed. This source material is essential for us as practitioners to consume, so we highly encourage that. We hope you enjoy this offer! If you have questions or comments please email me at views@rid.org. We look forward to releasing VIEWS to you. We want for you to feel more knowledgeable about your colleagues in this profession and more connected with the RID community. We appreciate you! Thank you.

**If you or someone you know would like to sponsor print copies of VIEWS, we have multiple options available. Please contact advertising@rid.org.

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