*Note: Please keep checking this link for a live stream per the schedule at the bottom of this page. We will update this page as the links may change. If it doesn’t appear to be live, use the play bar and scroll all the way to the right to Live.*

WASLI Live Stream 

Check below and watch all 3 keynote presentations that were live streamed at WASLI’s 2019 Conference!

WASLI Keynote Videos 

Keynote 1: “Honour Our Past”
Liisa Kauppinen (Finland) and Bill Moody (USA)
Streamed 08:45am Central European Summer Time

Keynote 2: “Treasuring the Present”
Selman Hoti and Enver Kurtalani (Kosovo)
Streamed 4:10pm Central European Summer Time

Keynote 3: “Shaping the Future”
Marianna Rossi Stumpf and Ronice Muller de Quadros (Brazil)
Streamed 8:45am Central European Summer Time

WASLI Keynote Presentations Schedule