Our Mission.

RID is the national certifying body of sign language interpreters and is a professional organization that fosters the growth of the profession and the professional growth of interpreting.

Meet RID.

Star Grieser, MS, CDI, ICE-CCP

Chief Executive Officer

Elijah Sow

Chief Operating Officer

Cassie Robles Sol

Human Resources Manager

Dr. Carolyn Ball, CI and CT, NIC

Affiliate Chapter Liaison

Ashley Holladay

CMP Manager

Catie Purrazzella

Certification Manager

Jess Kaady

Certification Specialist

Tressela Bateson

EPS Manager

Martha Wolcott

EPS Specialist

Ryan Butts

Member Services Director

Kayla Marshall, NIC

Member Services Manager

Vicky Whitty

Member Services Specialist

Neal Tucker

Gov’t Affairs, Public Policy & Advocacy Director

Jenelle Bloom

Communications Manager

Brooke Roberts

Publications Coordinator

Jennifer Apple

Finance and Accounting Director

Kristyne Reeds

Finance and Accounting Manager

Bradley Johnson

Staff Accountant

Ritchie Bryant, CLIP-R, CDI


Jesús Remīgīo, QHMI, CDI

Vice President

Jason Hurdich, CDI


Kate O’Regan, MA, NIC


Traci Ison, NIC, NAD IV


Glenna Cooper, PDIC

Deaf Member-at-Large

Christina Stevens, NIC

Region I Representative

M. Antwan Campbell, MPA, Ed:K-12

Region II Representative

Shawn Vriezen, CDI, QMHI

Region III Representative

Justin “Bucky” Buckhold, CDI

Region IV Representative

Jeremy Quiroga, CDI

Region V Representative


RID’s purpose is to serve equally our members, profession, and the public by promoting and advocating for qualified and effective interpreters in all spaces where intersectional diverse Deaf lives are impacted.

Vision – Our Desired Future

We envision qualified interpreters as partners in universal communication access and forward-thinking, effective communication solutions while honoring intersectional diverse spaces.


The values statement encompasses what values are at the “heart” or center of our work. RID values:

  • the intersectionality and diversity of the communities we serve.
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility and Belonging (DEIAB).
  • the professional contribution of volunteer leadership.
  • the adaptability, advancement and relevance of the interpreting profession.
  • ethical practices in the field of sign language interpreting, and embraces the principle of “do no harm.”
  • advocacy for the right to accessible, effective communication.

Pillar One: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility & Belonging

Pillar Two: Organizational Transformation

Pillar Three: Organizational Relevance

Pillar Four: Organizational Effectiveness

RID Regions

Region I Northeast
Region II Southeast
Region III Midwest
Region IV Central
Region V Pacific